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A colorful dog leash and collar set is sustainable, stylish and practical

If you are a modern-day dog owner and you care about fashion and sustainability, then you should definitely that a look at the collection of pet accessories that Approved by Fritz has to offer. The sustainable pet lifestyle brand offers beautiful pet must-haves that are both stylish and durable. The items were made in eco-friendly circumstances, with the use of durable materials, such as recycled plastic. The collection consists of colorful, unique items, such as leashes, collars, poop bag carriers, bandanas, and upcycled toys. Everything that you need for your dog to be comfortable and look stylish: Approved by Fritz has got you covered.

Dog items that were inspired by New York City

One bestselling item that the sustainable pet lifestyle brand offers is a durable dog collar and leash set. The items have colorful, unique designs, inspired by the color combinations as seen in New York City. From beautiful streets murals to train seats: the dog essentials are inspired by colors that characterize the urban streets of New York City and the buzzing lifestyle that goes along with it. A leash and collar set is available in beautiful color combinations, such as yellow and pink, grey and purple, and pink and red. On top of that, the leashes and collars Approved by Fritz offers are easy to adjust and clean, have a comfortable fit, and are fully waterproof! A practical and aesthetic dog essential: a dog collar and leash set covers it all.

Place your order to be soon walking your dog in style

Whether you are looking to buy a durable dog collar and leash set or you are interested in purchasing a different durable dog accessory: Approved by Fritz is the one and only sustainable pet lifestyle brand that offers a beautiful collection of dog must-haves that will make you and your four-legged friend look exceptional! Do you have any questions about the dog collar and leash set? Please contact the faces behind the brand.