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Choose a trusted specialist when it comes to industrial bakery equipment

If you need high-quality industrial bakery equipment, Rademaker is the expert you go to. Rademaker is a well-known supplier of products for the food processing industry. Their main focus is the development and production of industrial bakery equipment for bakers all over the world. They have over 40 years of experience in their field of work, which makes that you can legitimately call them experts. With their expertise, they offer bakers the best possible equipment to produce fantastic products every single day.

Go for a personal solution or choose a product from their production line

Rademaker can always live up to your expectations, whether your need standardized bakery equipment or you want a more personal solution. Their entire production line and turn-key solutions guarantee efficient machine performance and maximum capacity. Above that, you will have the lowest possible cost-of-ownership when it comes to their industrial bakery equipment, thanks to easy maintenance and changeovers. Take for example their dough shaping products. You can use these products to shape dough products in all kinds of varieties, but besides that, you can use this industrial bakery equipment to mold, fold, roll, cut and bend the dough. Are you also looking for products that finish off your dough products, like depositors to fill your cakes, breads or anything alike with sweet or savory stuff? Then you are lucky, because these products are also available at Rademaker! In short; for a complete set of industrial bakery equipment, Rademaker is the expert you go to.

Place an order online or gain more information

If you have clear whatever industrial bakery equipment you need, then you can easily place an online order. Your order will arrive shortly after. But if you need more information or maybe personal advice before you make your choice, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the friendly experts working here. They are very willing to help you out!