Contacting your Spirit Guides and finding out their names

Everyone on earth has Spirit Guides that guide them. Spirit Guides can be identified be numerous things such as colours, symbols, (numerical) codes or names. Knowing the name of your Spirit Guides can be both encouraging and comforting as it will help you to feel more connected.  

Why is it important to know the name of your Spirit Guide?

This can be very important for a number of reasons. I will list some of the reasons here:

  • It gives you a sense of who you are connecting with
  • You will be able to place and recognize the energy sooner in the future
  • It is favorable to arrange energy and information in establishing peace of mind when communicating

How do Spirit Guides communicate with us?

This can be through multiple forms and ways. Spirit Guides can make sure we get a really bad gut feeling about a specific person or situation. In a sense, they let our intuition become really strong. It is also possible that your Spirit Guide is sending you physical signals. It can be, for example, that you see a certain signal over and over again in a short period of time. This signal can be anything, like a certain colour, or an animal, or something someone is saying. You will recognize this yourself. Still another way through which your Spirit Guides can send messages through is through other people or animals.  

How can your Spirit Guides have a positive influence and help you in your life?

If you are feeling you are at a crossroads in your life, and you have an important decision to make, your Spirit Guides can make you feel empowered and give you confidence in how to move forward. It can be that you have been doubting for so long, but somehow you get this strong feeling that you finally know what to do or which direction to go in. This is most probably the impact of your guides. Another thing that your guides can help you with is in feeling peace of mind and understanding yourself and your environment. You will feel like the path before you is becoming clearer and you feel calm inside. If you surrender to your guides helping you, you can feel happier and have more fun with the way your life is unfolding. Contacting you spirit guides is such a valuable experience.