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Custom-made grab cranes for your projects

When you are starting a new project or business venture, you might need custom-made grab cranes for the job. However, you want a grab crane that is built to last. One that is trustworthy and rigid. For grab cranes like that, you will want PLM Cranes to build it for you. Grab cranes are used for handling large volumes of different materials and need to weather many tough conditions. Grab cranes from PLM Cranes are custom solutions that require very little in the way of maintenance. This makes them the best partner for building you a custom-made grab crane for your project or new business venture.

Top of the line grab cranes made to order

When you order custom-made grab cranes at PLM Cranes, you have many options and set-ups to choose from. For instance, you have the choice between four different drives. The drives you can choose from are a diesel-hydraulic, an electric-hydraulic, a diesel-electric and a fully electric. Next to that, there are 2-rope and 4-rope options and many different undercarriages. The grab cranes from PLM Cranes are used in various industries and experts from the company will happily advice you on the best choices for your intended application. Whether the crane is meant for dredging, bulk handling or stevedoring, PLM Cranes can create the perfect rigid, duty cycle, low maintenance cranes.

Simply tell them what you need

When it comes to designing the perfect grab cranes, you simply need to let PLM Cranes know what you need for your application. Whether it is a lifting capacity that exceeds 50 tons or a special undercarriage, it is all possible on request. Get in touch to start the process of designing your custom-made grab crane. PLM Cranes will happily assist you in this process so you will end up with exactly what you need, and more.