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Decide which sections to implement in a bespoke belt dryer

Continuously drying materials such as woodchip, pellets, moulded compounds and panels requests an excellent drying machine to guarantee high quality. Thanks to the particularly gentle thermal treatment of products, a belt dryer is one of the most effective machines for drying miscellaneous materials. The product is placed on a conveyor belt through an infeed chamber. Inside the machine are multiple sections that dry or cool the product in various manners. Think about drying gas or hot air that flows through or over the wet product in order to achieve an optimum drying result. Thanks to the different sections the machine has maximum control over the systematic drying of the products.

Invest in a modular system for drying materials

Achieving optimum results using low value and/or residual heat – that is the promise when you decide to invest in a belt dryer build by Dutch Dryers BV. Their bespoke belt dryers are installed at numerous companies in Europe, from Serbia to the Netherlands. Every belt dryer is a modular system, which means every separate section can be tailored to your own wishes. However, every machine is completed with at least the following components:

  • An infeed hopper
  • A conveyor belt
  • A discharge end

Multiple sections can be implemented depending on the to be dried material and the quantity per drying cycle. Make sure to discuss this with the engineer who will develop the bespoke belt dryer for your company. After numerous successful business cases, the engineers from Dutch Dryers BV know exactly what sections to recommend for optimum drying results.

Request a quote for your bespoke machine

Achieve optimum drying results thanks to a bespoke belt dryer from Dutch Dryers BV, whether you are a company based in Serbia or anywhere else in Europe. Request a quote or contact the expert engineers for more information about the available machinery and options. They are more than happy to work out a business case for you.