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Design your own log cabin with a 3D configurator

How you ever thought about designing a bespoke log cabin – a log cabin that would perfectly match your style, fit the measurements of your garden and meet all of your needs? Designing a bespoke log cabin can be a long, exhausting and fairly expensive process if you hire a designer and a construction company who carry out the work for you. However, bespoke log cabins can be easily designed using the online 3D configurators offered by the leading log cabin manufacturers! How do the online 3D configurators work and what are the main advantages? Keep reading this article to find out how to design a bespoke log cabin with a 3D configurator!

Design a log cabin from scratch online

Whatever log cabin design, floor plan or sizing preferences you might have, it is possible to turn it all into reality. The best online 3D configurators use a step-by-step approach that allows gradually design the log cabin you have intended from a blank template – starting from the floor plan, walls, canopy, and the roof and finishing with the door, windows, roofing material and colour of the paint. What’s more important – if you aren’t 100% sure about the shape and design of your log cabin, you can choose to design the timber structure from an existing template. In addition to that, you can easily keep an eye on the overall look with the 360° design view function and implement changes if necessary!

Professionally-made bespoke log cabins

When you choose to design a log cabin with an online 3D configurator, you don’t have to worry about the look and quality of the finished product. As mentioned, a 3D configurator with a 360° design view function gives you the idea of how the finished product will look like in your garden throughout and after the whole designing process (configuration). Meanwhile, the quality of your custom-made log cabin won’t differ from any other garden building offered by the manufacturer – your log cabin will be professionally made, easy to assemble and fitted with doors, windows and locks of the best quality.

The main advantages of an online 3D configurator

The main advantages of a log cabin online configurator are related to the designing process and the production of the bespoke garden building. In terms of the designing process, you can spend whatever amount of time you require to develop the design you want with an online configurator, without having any time limitations. Simply start designing your log cabin and take your time to consider if any changes are required. Show your designs to your family and friends – maybe they will come up with some ideas on how to make your log cabin perfect, for example, adding a canopy for BBQ parties! As for the production, working with the leading manufacturers always makes the process easier and faster due to their vast experience and manufacturing technologies.

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