How calcium deficiency in dairy cows can easily be prevented

When you keep dairy cows, you want to make sure they are as healthy as possible. A calcium deficiency in dairy cows can cause milk fever; a severe calcium deficiency within 24 hours. Especially older cows have this issue, as their calcium is set free much more slowly. This is why Kimtec International has created KatAn®. A line of feed additives and supplements to help prevent calcium deficiency in dairy cows. KatAn® consists of a group of palatable anionic salts, which help reduce the calcium shortage after calving. Do you want to make sure your dairy cows are as healthy as can be? Are you interested in how this product works? Make sure to read on to discover more.

How do anionic salts help prevent milk fever?

Feeding a typical dairy cow ration will lead to a positive dietary anion difference. This can lead to an alkaloid metabolic state, which means the parathyroid hormone receptors will be rendered non-functional. As a consequence, the dairy cow is unable to move calcium to meet lactation demands. The anionic salts in the KatAn® products promote a more acidic metabolic state which will restore the dietary cation anion balance and decrease milk fever. These palatable anionic salts are found in Kimtec International’s products. After years of research and development, they have created products that will reduce these problems greatly. Calcium deficiency in your dairy cows is history.

Quality products to meet your demands

Kimtec International has developed state of the art products to support and improve animal health while reducing feeding costs. All products are made according to high quality control standards such as HACCP and GMP, to meet all customers demands. Are you interested in the possibilities of introducing these products into the diet of your dairy cows to reduce their calcium deficiency? Make sure to get in touch with Kimtec International to find out more.