How to Compete in NBA Live Mobile League Versus League Mode

League versus league mode was introduced in NBA Live Mobile a few months after the game was released. This mode provides a way to compete against players from other leagues. The competition takes the form of a tournament played over a period of 24 hours. Players are rewarded for each win that also helps them achieve a better ranking. NBA Live Mobile league versus league has its own leaderboards system. Rewards won in this mode are called LvL prizes to differentiate them from those obtained from other game activities.

To take part in a league versus league tournament, players first have to join a league if they didn’t already. It’s important to find a league that has active players because this is an NBA Live Mobile mode that requires team cooperation. Each player takes part in three quarters. Once players have selected league versus league from the game’s main menu, they can compete against an opponent of their choosing. They can also see how many quarters the opponent has already played. The objective of a match is to acquire points. Defense is important as well. After players have found an opponent, they are required to make another selection. Choosing the lineup is a tactical decision. Players will pick two lineups. They will select the lineup to compete against and also their own lineup. It’s important to remember that a lineup can be used only once in each tournament. This is a feature that prevents players from taking advantage of an opponent’s weakness. It also forces players to choose a different lineup every time so they cannot rely on using the same over and over again.

League tournament rewards include special collectible items. NBA Live Mobile players that obtain 10 gold collectibles from this mode have the chance to get a LvL pack with six items. Among these items an exclusive League player can be found. This item cannot be bought or sold on the auction house. So far, there are 36 NBA Live Mobile league player items.