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Nooboo’s bamboo clothing

Nooboo’s goal is to create something what men and women can wear on a daily day basis. At the meantime to put fashion consumers and even our world in a better position. Nooboo believes it is possible to achieve this goal by working hard and working with the right people. Nooboo provides something what is missing in both men’s and women’s clothing wardrobe, which is a staple piece of bamboo clothing. Our bamboo clothing men and women are made from 100% biodegradable bamboo fibers and eco-friendly materials. It means that our bamboo is naturally grown and provides warmth in the winter season and coolness in the summer season. The bamboo fibers on Nooboo’s bamboo clothing are very unique and it will help you to get through your day. These bamboo clothing keep your body dry, blocks harmful UV-rays, odor and even prevent skin irritation.

Nooboo has a large collection of bamboo clothing men and women, available in different sizes and colors. Our signature bamboo clothing piece is the 100% bamboo t-shirt men and women. These are perfect for underneath a classic shirt or as a primarily clothing piece. It is suitable for work or as a lifestyle wear. With the focus on sustainability, durability and innovation, Nooboo keeps adding new bamboo clothing pieces for men and women to our collection. 

Nooboo’s order and shipping

Our signature bamboo clothing piece could be found on bamboo t-shirt men and bamboo t-shirt women. We do ship worldwide and free shipping within the Netherlands and Germany. Orders will be shipped on the same day if the purchase is made before 4.00 pm.