One of the best gate valve suppliers in the world

Whenever you’re in need of a gate valve supplier, Red Point is one of the best suppliers in the world. This definitely is the partner you can turn to. This company offers you valves to your specifications, made of all kinds of materials and with various designs. This way, you’ll always know that you’ll get the gate valve that is made completely according to your needs.

Experienced since 1987

Red Point is a company that manufactures ball, check, gate, globe, double block and bleed and tailor-made valves. Since the founding of the company in 1987, they have specialized themselves in the manufacturing and supplying of valves in special materials. This includes materials such as nickel alloys, Duplex and corrosion resistant alloys. All materials that are used, are from European origin and the valves are produced in the factory in the Netherlands.

One of the best in the world

Because they are one of the best gate valve suppliers, they can provide you with a service like no other company can. They produce gate valves that meet the highest international quality standards like ISO 9001 and CE/PED. This company also makes it possible to engineer and manufacture tailor-made valves, so they will meet your requirements at all times. Besides this all, Red Point also steps in when you require valves with short delivery times. All to make sure your needs and expectations are fulfilled.

Do not hesitate to contact them

Do you need some more information about the possibilities of this supplier? Or do you want more information about the gate valve producing process? Then, do not hesitate to contact Red Point. Because of the experience they have, answering your questions is an easy job for them. Have you figured out what kind of gate valves you let this experience company produce?