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Running out of space in your warehouse? Here are 3 solutions

If you have an online business, chances are you have experienced growth in recent years. Consumers buy more and more products online and more and more products are offered online. When your core business grows, it is important that your storage space grows with you. Otherwise, you may run into space problems and the logistical process may become a challenge. This is particularly annoying as customer expectations regarding speed of delivery are increasing. Have you noticed that you are short of space in your warehouse? Then follow these 3 steps and literally create more room to grow. 

Re-evaluate your current stock

If you notice that you are short of space in your current storage facility, the first thing you should do is take a good look at your current storage. You can often save a lot of space by analysing your current stock and getting rid of what you don’t really sell much. You may want to keep offering as much as possible, but you can also cut yourself short if you have too much stock that you never sell. Therefore, focus on products that do sell well. 

Hide your products efficiently

Another solution that can save you a lot of space is to make good use of the space you have. Buy storage solutions that fit in well with the products you store. Think of storage bins, pallet boxes or drawer bins. Small items are easy to put in a drawer, while these take up a lot of space when stored separately. 

Build a mezzanine floor

Are you still short of space after implementing the above tips? Then it might be interesting to look into building a mezzanine floor. This freestanding construction ensures that you have a whole extra floor. Many storage buildings have high ceilings, leaving many square metres unused. By placing an extra floor in your current space, you make optimal use of the space and can double the number of usable square metres without having to move.