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Some small business ideas

Starting your own business is seen by many people as a leap of faith. This is mainly because people often think that a lot of costs have to be made to get a business off the ground. Yet this is not always necessary. Nowadays you can also start your own business without money. In the past this was almost impossible, but the arrival of the Internet has changed all that. Does starting your own business without money sound like music to your ears? In this text we tell you everything about starting your own business without (own) money.


Do you want to start your own business without money?

In the past, if you wanted to start your own business, you had to bring in your own start-up capital. For example, to set up a private limited company (BV) you needed at least 18,000 euros. If you could not get this amount together, it was not possible to start your own business. Possibly you see this as an obstacle. Too bad, because nowadays you can start your own business without money.


When you register a company at the Chamber of Commerce, you must have a well thought out plan. If this plan is not there, there may not be enough money. In that case it is a risk to start your own business. Would you like to start your own business without money, but you do not know exactly how you should earn your money? Below we list a number of ideas for starting your own business without money or with a minimal contribution.



You can quickly and easily start a webshop from home without incurring major expenses. Nowadays many purchases are made online, ideal to respond directly to this. Who thinks that you must have a large stock for a webshop is wrong. You can use a longer delivery time, so you can sell your purchased products directly to a wholesaler. Because you don’t need to have your own warehouse or stock, you can charge lower prices. Moreover, your costs are limited. This is an ideal way to start a business without having to invest money first.


Affiliate marketing

You could also start with affiliate marketing. This means that you promote products and services for others, of course with a quid pro quo. Often you get a percentage of the sales price if the product or service is sold through you. You could do this if, for example, you have a blog or social media page that generates a lot of reach. Again, you can easily do this from home, without having to invest any money!


Share your knowledge

Another idea to start a business without money is to share your experience with entrepreneurs or companies. You can think of sharing your knowledge in the areas of marketing, sales and social media. Most entrepreneurs do not have the time or knowledge to deal with this. You could take this over from them or you can offer an (online) course. So with your knowledge you take the work out of their hands or you teach them to do it themselves. So in no time you have your own business up and running. Especially with your knowledge of online marketing you can be of service to most entrepreneurs. Give it a try!


Offer a physical service

You can also choose to offer physical services as an independent entrepreneur. For example, you can work as a plumber, electrician, bricklayer, carpenter or landscaper. If you offer such a physical service, you often need the necessary equipment. The costs of this can be considerable, but you may already own most of it. In that case, you may even be able to start your own business without money. Don’t buy big tools or machines that you don’t or hardly use. If you do need such a device, it is better to turn to a rental company. You will reduce costs this way. Perhaps starting your own business will not cost you any money at all.


Startup without money

Startup is the term used to describe a young company with a promising idea. It does not refer to starting a (web) store or catering establishment but to an invention or an innovative product using a new technology. For startups there are often various financial schemes to start without own money. We at Starterslift Investments also offer loans to startups in Brabant. In addition, you get professional guidance from a business developer to increase the chances of success.



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