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Speed up your business operations with a professional vegetable washing machine

While in the past vegetables from the land were washed by hand, they are nowadays washed with professional vegetable washing machines. This is an inevitable change, as food production is more important than ever and thus requires a more efficient solution. If you are looking for such an efficient solution when it comes to a vegetable washing machine, Allround VP is your partner. This supplier offers a great variety of professional vegetable washing machines which speed up the vegetable processing within your business. Read further to discover all about their machines.

The different machines this supplier offers

There are many factors to consider when choosing a vegetable washing machine that suits your processing line. You need to ask yourself questions like: what type of vegetables need to be washed and what is the vulnerability of this type of vegetable? What is the desired intensity of cleaning? Once you know an answer to those questions, you can browse the range of products from Allround VP which includes – amongst others – the following types of machines:

  • U range: machines with an outfeed web belt with cleats which makes the outfeed height of the vegetable wash line adjustable.
  • UK range: machines designed to operate without a water basin that come with a slurry chain to take out the sludge in the machine.
  • PDK range: machines designed for potatoes that grow on soil with many clods and stones thanks to the integrated destoner. These also come with a slurry chain.
  • C range: machines designed for processing products that are not very vulnerable, as this vegetable washing machine cannot have a layer of water inside the drum. The produce is cleaned with water coming from spray pipes.

In each range there are different machines and additional options to choose from.

Directly purchase the right machine

Do you already know which vegetable washing machine you want to add to your processing line? Then directly get in touch with the specialists from Allround VP to purchase your equipment. Should you have any questions or should you wish to receive further information, the specialists are more than happy to help you.