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Stud bolt caps protect nuts and bolts from thread damage and dirt

When you are looking for a real specialist in stud bolts, HBS Solutions B.V. is the one you need. They are a project-based organization supplying certified fasteners and offer you the so-called BoltShield® caps. A stud bolt protects nuts and bolts from thread damage and dirt. Besides that, they considerably help prevent corrosion and rust. This is necessary, because otherwise it might affect these materials. Stud bolts are designed to be screwed permanently into a fixed part at one end and to receive a nut on the other. This system ensures a secure and strong fixing to the bolt.


A wide range of stud bolts

A stud bolt is mostly used in the offshore and petrochemical industries, but the company is also supplying equipment construction, petrochemical, energy and offshore industries in the Benelux. The caps are made out of stainless steel and have a special internal female thread, called a screw-on system. HBS Solutions B.V. offers two types of BoltShield® caps which provide different levels of protection. The first type covers both the exposed part of the bolt thread and the nut, while the second type only protects the bolt thread. Which kind of stud bolts you should use, depends on your situation, but every cap they have is available in stainless steel, carbon steel or aluminum. The stud bolt caps from HBS Solutions are suitable for coating as well.


Discover the right type for your application

The possibilities at this company are endless. Choose a stainless steel cap for your B8M stud bolt, or any other material or size. You will discover the many benefits of these caps when you have bought the right type for your application. Do not hesitate to contact the experts of this company for more information about the different types of BoltShield® caps. They are happy to inform you about the products!