The importance of toxicologic pathology

If you have any experience in the field of medicine, you are aware of the vital importance of toxicologic pathology. After all, to the toxicologic pathologist befalls the task of testing new pharmaceuticals with regards to their safety before they are allowed to be released onto the market for general use. As such, the toxicologic pathologist is responsible for testing medicines of various types, from over the counter pharmaceuticals to vaccines and much more. Their task is to ascertain the effects of said pharmaceutical, specifically whether the negative effects outnumber the desired, positive ones. In short, toxicologic pathology is tasked with ensuring all pharmaceuticals are safe for human consumption before their release to the market. Though human safety is paramount, it is also vital to study the effect on medicines on the environment. Yet another part of the toxicologic pathologist’s job.

Disasters that could have been averted with proper toxicologic pathology testing

Throughout history, the importance of and the need for toxicologic pathology has proven itself over and over again. Take for instance, the thalidomide crisis, a permanent stain on the history of the sixties. With thorough toxicologic pathology testing, the nefarious effects of this pharmaceutical on the fetus in utero would have been evident. However, testing was lax or non-existent, which led to a significant number of children being born with birth defects. Another example where a disaster could have been averted by proper testing, is that of DDT. Study would have shown that this and other pesticides, known to ultimately find their way into our food chain, are carcinogenic and thus harmful to our health and environment.

Rely on an experienced lab for your testing according to relevant regulations

Though rules regarding the testing of pharmaceuticals were ones lax, they are now strictly regulated and toxicologic pathology testing is required for all new pharmaceuticals. If you wish to introduce a new medicine developed by you company, testing needs to be carried out to investigate the effects it has on animals. The pathologist then uses their knowledge and expertise to extrapolate the results of animal testing to humans. If you require a knowledgeable and experienced pathologist, rely on Global Pathology Support lab in the Netherlands. They will carry out the necessary test according to the relevant REACH-legislation and OECD-guidelines.