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The outstanding properties of Vespel

When it comes to high-performing thermo plastics, Vespel® is one of the best choices for many industries and applications. Vespel® can withstand harsh environments and keep its operational properties. This durable polyamide is a lightweight alternative to metal in demanding situations. 

Exceptional heat resistance

Vespel® performs very well in extreme heat. It can operate in temperatures up to 300°C, with peaks up to 500°C. At these temperatures, Vespel does not lose its dimensional stability.

Impressive performance in sub-zero temperatures

Where most substances become brittle at sub-zero temperatures, Vespel remains strong and fully operational. This thermo plastic offers excellent reliability and performance in temperatures as low as -240°C.

Chemical resistance

Vespel® has a very high resistance to chemical attacks and offers an outstanding performance even when used in chemical environments. This polyamide shows no effect when counteracting with fuels, solvents, or other chemical substances.

High mechanical strength

Machined parts in Vespel have a very high mechanical strength. Even after many cleaning cycles and repeated handling in numerous situations, Vespel keeps its dimensions and mechanical strength.

High wear resistance

Regardless of the external conditions in which Vespel® is used, this thermo plastic will keep its high wear resistance. This outstanding property ensures long-term usage of Vespel® machined parts in most industries.

Electrical insulating

Vespel® does not conduct electricity, which offers a lot of possibilities for usage in critical engine parts. This thermoplastic has a minimal electrical and thermal conductivity.

The many outstanding properties of Vespel

Thanks to the many outstanding properties of Vespel®, this material can be used in harsh environments Vespel® keeps performing long after other materials have become brittle of have lost their key properties. That’s why this highly durable thermo plastic is one of the best choices for sockets, couplings, valves, and sealings in a variety of industries.

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