The user-friendly breeding software for you company

Would you like to have your data organized, centralized and easily accessible in a SAAS solution? Make use of the ABS breeding software, powered by Agro Business Solutions. This user-friendly breeding software can handle various data, for example the breeding programs of field crops, vegetables, or flowers. Therefore, this is the best software for every company in the agro culture business.

The advantages and possibilities of the breeding software

The ABS breeding software can be accessed from different locations. It is also a multi-user application, which means that it is accessible for more than one user at the time. While using the software, it is possible to adjust user rights. Moreover, the logical workflow guides you easily – and automatically – through the whole process. It is a user-friendly software, that is easily adjusted to fit your own needs, bring your activities and the results together. This way, the breeding software helps you with reliable management reporting.

Get great insight in your processes

Because of the reliable management reporting, graphs and reports will always keep you up to date. This way, you will always know what to do and you will always have insight in your chances. With the software, entering, analysing, and breeding have never been easier. Furthermore, it manages your trials to administer trademarks, variety rights and sales. This means that you will have great insight in the most important processes of your company.

Contact the experts to get more information

As you can see, the ABS breeding software is indispensable for your agro culture company. Would you like to know more about this user-friendly system? These experts are eager to tell you more about it. Feel free to send them an e-mail, you will find their e-mailadress on their website. Get great insight in all your processes and opportunities with the ABS breeding software.