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Transport your goods more efficiently in a double deck trailer

Are you currently transporting your goods with a transportation company, but are you questioning its efficiency? Do you want to save money on transportation costs? In that case, of Blankers Transport is the way to go. They are equipped with a large fleet of over 40 trucks. Some of these trucks are used for regular transport. Others are designed for specialized transportation and are equipped with double loading floors. There special floors are the solution for efficient transportation and can save you a lot of money! Voluminous goods such as matrasses or foam products are a great fit for this kind of transportation. Read on to discover how this double deck trailer works.

Stacking your goods by compressing them

Blankers Transport makes use of hydraulic lift mechanisms to load their double deck trailers. First, they load your goods and lift them and the deck, making room for another load to be added on the second deck. When all decks are loaded, they are gently lifted into their final position. By doing this, your voluminous goods are compressed and take up less space. This means you might only need one double deck trailer where you would need to use two or three. This reduces your transportation costs significantly. Who would say no to that?

Get in touch about the double deck trailer transport

Next to these innovative ways of loading your goods, this company also offers state of the art ways for tracking the location of your goods. This helps guarantee a timely arrival and offers you detailed information for extremely competitive prices. Are you interested in the services Blankers Transport is offering? Make sure to get in touch with them right away. They transport goods throughout Europe and are more than happy to assist you in finding the right transportation solutions.