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Tree planting companies’ best urban solutions, made to measure

Before tree planting companies can plant trees in urban areas, they have a great deal of work in preventing the plants from interfering with infrastructure or utilities buried underground. On the other hand, trees can die prematurely if they lack sufficient space for their roots to grow, as they reduced coverage might result in them not obtaining enough water from the soil. Treebuilders creates solutions for tree planting companies to overcome these difficulties, letting their trees thrive even in a constrained urban environment. The solutions are win-win; improve the local environment, while preventing damage to infrastructure in the area.

Your bioretention system; a possible solution for water runoff

Handling storm water runoff is a problem often faced by tree planting companies. One excellent solution is Treebuilders’ bioretention systems. With a limited amount of greenage and a high percentage of impervious surfaces, urban areas are characterized as a difficult environment for water management. The change in the natural water balance leads to a far greater discharge of waste water, exacerbated by poor water runoff options. Fortunately, Treebuilders has come up with a bioretention system that offers a significant improvement in water management. Any water problem can be resolved with a suitable Treebuilders situation.

Find a solution for your greenery management with Treebuilders

Treebuilders’ bioretention system or tree growth solution can help your company manage greenery in urban areas. With systems to support large tree growth and powerful onsite storm water management, their solutions provide cities with a green, healthy atmosphere. If you are interested in the products and solutions from this company? Get in touch with them right away, and they will be more than happy to come up with a fitting solution for your issue. Make the first step towards a greener city by partnering with Treebuilders.