Where can you find gate valve suppliers?

You can find gate valve suppliers in many places. Just look for them online and you get loads of suppliers. One of those gate valve suppliers is Red Point. The have a wide range of gate valves. A big advantage of this company is that they supply the valves according to your specifications. Of course they also have a range of gate valves that are ready made. They are suitable for special applications. They are temperature and toxicity resistant.

What kind of gate vales can I find?

Red Point offers several types of gate valves. Many gate valve suppliers offer a standard range of products. This company however also offers custom made valves, besides their standard range of products. Some examples of gate valves offered by Red Point:

  • Standard gate valve
  • Wedge gate valve
  • Bellow sealed gate valve
  • Pressure seal bonnet gate valve

And many more. Just ask them for the specifications of each. They will advise you if necessary. If you don’t know what kind of gate valve you’ll need for your application, you can also just ask them for advice.

They all do it themselves

Red Point all does it on its own. They don’t just buy ready made gate valves from other manufacturers or suppliers. They design, engineer and produce your tailor-made valves. The valves they offer are applicable in many different industries.

What are gate valves?

Gate valves are a kind of disc that slides up and down in a track. This is raised (or lowered) at a certain angle to the flow direction in order to effect an opening or closing of the valve bore and fluid flow path. They are design for fully open or fully closed applications. They are not regulation flows. They can be divided into two main types: parallel and wedge-shaped.