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6 accessories for men to wear for a business meeting

A business meeting involves dressing properly to make the best possible impression. In addition to clothes, accessories are playing an increasingly important role. Your customers and your colleagues are attentive to the details, and you should do the same. Even the briefcase you have chosen can say a lot about you.


Creating a global and coherent image of the company you work for is particularly important, and this partly depends on the way employees are dressed. To obtain (and retain) large customers and contracts, your business must appear to be performing well.


The accessories will be in a way the reflection of your values, your social status and your self-confidence. They will therefore have to be carefully chosen so that each one of them is highlighted without doing too much in order to remain professional.


Here are some accessories and tips to look after your appearance in a business meeting.


Tie clips

The tie clip is an accessory not very used, quite old-school but which remains very neat and goes to any man wishing to display his elegance. This accessory always has its small effect and adds some character, either to the tie but also to the outfit in general. Obviously, wearing a tie clip necessarily involves wearing … A tie!

The two accessories must therefore be in symbiosis with each other. The great classic remains a gray metallic tie clip worn on a black tie. If you want to push the doors of originality, try on a red tie with black clips, guaranteed effect!

For a vintage style, a wooden tie clip is the preferred accessory. Of course, this style will not be suitable for all situations, so it is up to you to judge if the situation is suitable.


Small detail for all those who would try to wear clips, pin it on your tie between the 3rd and 4th button of your shirt from the top.



Despite their small size, the cufflinks are the little details that will make all the difference. They are often “invisible” because they are usually located under your jacket, or more simply because they are hidden when your hands are placed on the table. However, when these are noticed, the cufflinks always have an effect because it is the final touch to your outfit, and the people in front of you will only be able to appreciate this subtle and well thought out gesture.

It’s a good idea to match your buttons with your tie clip (if you’re wearing one), since these 2 accessories usually go together. On a white shirt, black or gray cufflinks are recommended. Here too, if you prefer to play it “vintage”, with wooden cufflinks. This will add a refined side to your costume.



A silk scarf is a distinguished and chic accessory that will set you apart.

Just make sure it’s a light scarf and not a thick one made out of wool. Tie your scarf in an infinite knot or go with a simple knot. Do not let it hang, it would give you a neglected and not very professional look. Choose colors that complement your overall appearance, not compete with it.


Pocket squares

If you’re wearing a tie, you could complete your outfit by adding a pocket square. A fairly common mistake is to wear a pocket square in the same color as the tie. This gives a redundant effect and does not enhance the rest of your outfit.


The purpose of the pocket square is to complement the rest of your look be it in harmony or in contrast with your other accessories. So, although some stores offer sets of ties and pockets, we advise you to avoid them if you want to be in perfect harmony with your style game. Likewise, you can choose a lighter or darker pocket than the basic color of your set. Remember that it’s all in the details, so don’t hesitate to bring out a slightly “flashy” color on a pinstripe or checkered shirt.


Alternatively, if you want to make your pocket square the focal point of your look, you can opt for two totally different styles between your pocket square and your tie, or even the rest of your outfit.



A watch generally indicates that you are an organized person, on time, who values ‚Äč‚Äčtime and wants to subtly show his style, tastes and personality. The watch is the almost essential element in a professional meeting, and if you find yourself in front of a horologists, it could go a long way toward building a little more personal connection. Just make sure it fits tightly and doesn’t hang over your wrist. A traditional watch, neither too large nor too small will do the trick. If you have a keen eye for detail, you could match your outfit with the color and material of your watch strap. If you travel regularly, you will certainly need a watch box so as not to damage your piece.



A leather briefcase is a classic for business meetings. Avoid taking a backpack (unless absolutely necessary) and favor a briefcase or a computer bag the same color as your belt or your shoes, and choose a rather neutral color, such as dark brown or black. If you are looking for a bag with a more professional look than a shoulder bag, choose a bag. They have the class of a briefcase and the portability of a messenger type bag. A good combination of the best of both worl